Interviewed by Broadly - Fibromyalgia Connected to Trauma

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Fibromyalgia does not define me. Fight like a girl!Fibromyalgia the pain no one can see branching from the traumatic pain no one else can heal!

This week's email brought about an interesting request. I received a letter from journalist Gabriela Bess seeking to interview me about Fibromyalgia. I had no idea as to why exactly at the moment, but I enjoy encouraging other women to seek out natural or alternative cures instead of using pharmaceuticals in treating their Fibromyalgia.

The article titled Female Pain: Living with an Illness That No One Believes In was a mixture of both the fact that often nobody believes we truly experience the pain and how physical/emotional trauma in adolescence can trigger Fibromyalgia later in life. Very interesting connection I had never heard previously.

I was chosen for the interview because I had wrote an article before about my own experience with rape, PTSD, hyper-vigilance, and fibromyalgia having some relations.

I hope you will find time to read the article if you struggle with Fibromyalgia or know somebody who does.

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