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Can You Acquire Italianism?

Christian Bale as "Laurie" in Little Women next to my Great-Grandfather
Rigali proving we are might be related and previously British spies
masquerading as Italian-Americans.

The Lie I Once Believed:

"Hello, my name is Julianne Rigali aka Giulianna. My family hails originally from  Barga in Lucca, Tuscany, Italy, but I was born and raised in California. While I am an Italian-American, I am an American first and foremost. :)"

Until a Family Tree DNA Test Kit

I knew my Great-great grandfather was 100% Italian when he came to America.

Imagine my shock at the test results:
*Less than 2% from the Italian region.*


After studying Italian culture and learning to cook Italian for could say I now have:  *ACQUIRED ITALIANISM*
Giulianna Rigali 2016 Italiano Connection
Julianne Rigali aka Giulianna
The Barely Italian

My Theory With Merit Potential

What if my Great-Great Grandfather was a British spy masquerading as an Italian-American? Upon closer examination does he look Italian? *rhetorical question*

Isn't Christian Bale my Great-Grandfather's Doppelganger?

Christian Bale is from the UK. He's UKish (pronouced like Yuckish without the Y). I'm 96 percent from the UK. I'm UKish.

Coincidence? I think not. LOL!

But really, I love my "barely" Italian heritage! I'm not giving up my less than 2%.

Bless Our Italian-American Nonnas

One thing our Italian nonnas (grandmothers) did when they came to America: They worked with the ingredients they had on hand, which were often things not available in Italy and vice versa.

I dare you to tell them it wasn't "Authentic Italian!"

The ingredients were American, but the style was Italian!

They loved this new country with all of its opportunities and so do I.

I will not apologize that my cooking is the best of Italian and American combined.

The table and food is the connecting place with family and friends. Thus, creating exceptional food and traditions at home have become our rule.

When I'm Not Cooking

Chef Bretto - Famous Star Wars Italian Chef
Chef Bretto

Chef Bretto

Chef Bretto has been pursuing his passion of cooking/baking for several years as the guest chef on this blog and is also a devout fan of all things Star Wars.


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