Chef Bretto

Chef Bretto - Guest Chef Blogger
Chef Bretto is a guest chef blogger on My Barely Italiano Connection.

He is currently in his senior year of high school and plans to attend culinary school after he graduates.

How it all began?

Chef Bretto used to watch the Food Network when he was about 6 years old. He would often ask me why I wasn't using EVOO or fresh herbs and spices. Honestly, it wasn't something we did when I was growing up, so it never occurred to me.

Where it led? 

And so we began buying EVOO and fresh herbs. For the first time in my life, I loved cooking. I had always loved baking, but dreaded cooking. The fresh herbs invigorated me as I chopped them up. 

Everything changed. I could not borrow enough cookbooks from the library. Which in turn taught me about the Mafia controlling and adulterating olive oil.  We began to buy local, California Olive Oil and growing our own organic herbs.

Chef Bretto began joining me in the adventure, after all, he was the one who inspired me to learn how to cook with fresh ingredients.