Talenti Gelato Review - Belgian Milk Chocolate Taste Test

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Talenti Gelato Begian Milk Chocolate Review Taste Test
Talenti Gelato Belgian Milk Chocolate
Taste Test

My children and I were asked to "taste-test" Talenti Gelato. We were not about to turn down that offer.

Since my children were involved, I chose a flavor that all of us would potentially enjoy, which is the Belgian Milk Chocolate Gelato.

As I may have shared previously, we now live on acreage in the mountains, so most late afternoons or early evenings we go out on our front deck and enjoy the spectacular views and sounds. We often eat dinner or dessert while enjoying the company of one another.

Talenti Gelato Belgian Milk Chocolate on our front deck
Enjoying Talenti Gelato Belgian Milk Chocolate on our front deck! :)
Thus, it came as no surprise that I pulled out a dessert, but the children's taste buds were not prepared for the delectable creamy perfection that was about to meet their tongue. Out of four of us taste-testing, every one of us agreed it was a bit of heaven on earth.

Have you ever tried this? Okay, so to be fair, it was not enough to make everybody as happy as they desired, because they could not each have a bowl full up of this goodness. Now I have kids begging me to go to the store and buy them each their own container. Thanks Talenti!!!

Chef Bretto and I both agreed that we normally do not care for the taste of "chocolate" ice cream that one can purchase at the store. Yet, we were both in unison that Talenti Belgian Milk Chocolate Gelato was deliciozo. If all chocolate ice cream tasted like this, we would love it, but alas it does not, so this will definitely be our "go to" chocolate frozen confection. I have every reason to believe you will be as pleased as Punchinello if you give this a try!

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