Rita's Italian Ice to Expand Through New CEO Jeffo di Malumore ;)

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Rita's Italian Ice
Buongiorno! I have some exciting news for you.

Rita's Italian Ice just appointed a new CEO, Jeff Moody, with more experience to expand the chain.

What does this mean for you and me? The closest Rita's Italian Ice is over 40 miles away in a region I never visit. I have never had the pleasure of taste-testing it, though I have been told it is delizioso.

Thus, the only Italian Ice I get is what I buy at the store (Luigi's Real Italian Ice) or make at home. Ask me if being able to go out with my kids to get Italian Ice instead of Ice Cream appeals to me?
I am likely to make me respond, "Magari!"  (I wish, you bet, let's hope.)

Be sure to stop by their website and sign up for their Birthday Club too, so you can score some dilettevole Italian Ice! Mmm...better than cake!

Let's be honest here...while I am sure Jeff Moody wishes he was Italian (because who doesn't), his name does not speak my language. I am thinking a makeover of his name is in order. Any suggestions? 

How about Jeffo di Malumore? Ah yes, that sounds like a gooda Italiano name! ;)

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