Be an Angel Day - Random Acts of Kindness!

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Be an Angel Day - August 22
Buongiorno! Today, August 22, is Be an Angel Day! This special day was founded in 1993 by Jayne Howard Feldman, with the purpose of inspiring people to serve others with random acts of kindness, especially those in need.

In honor of today, I would like to share with you a story from an angel I would like to recognize. She had no idea this was coming, but I think when you read her story (in her own words), you will agree she was the perfect choice. She blessed my heart and brought tears to my eyes. And it is a simple reminder that we are without excuse. Thank you Heather for being an angel in a human disguise! xoxoxo

Heather's story:

"On my lunch break from work today I decided to spend the only two dollars I had to my name on getting a yogurt parfait and a soda from McDonald's. The total came to $2.16. So I'm digging through my purse and my entire car for the change for tax. I find the amount I need plus fifty cents. 

An older woman is standing off to the side of the drive through, in a pair of scrubs holding an umbrella to keep her out of the Sun, gets my attention and asks if I have eighty five cents she could have since she was that amount short for the bus and was trying to head to work, and she didn't mean to embarrass me by asking and was sorry to have been bothering me. She told me her name was Shirley. 

I told her I didn't have that much but I did have fifty cents that she could have. So she says thank you and God bless you. I pull up to the window to pay and get my items, and as I set the bag on the passenger seat, I notice that laying right on my passenger front floor board, plain as day, is a one dollar bill. 

I pull out of the drive through and there is Shirley, standing under a tree crying. I pulled up and called her name. I told her "Shirley, I found a dollar and I don't need it, and I feel God wanted me to give it to you" she started crying even more only this time, tears of joy. I told her to have a blessed and wonderful day, to which she replied, "you have made my day wonderful and blessed me already, now I can catch the number five bus to work, thank you so so much" while continuing to cry.

I had just looked all over my car not five minutes before that and there was no money in sight and suddenly there was exactly one dollar. God wanted me to bless this kind hard working woman in a way that I was actually able to. 

I left there holding back tears of happiness, knowing that my small act of generosity even though it doesn't seem like a lot too most people, meant the world to this woman who didn't want to have to walk in 110 degree heat. 

Thank you God for allowing me to meet this kind lady, and for allowing me to give her just the little help she needed to get by for the day!
I'm still choked up about it! And I truly hope that what I did for her helped her to feel like she mattered enough for someone like me to care!
Made me feel lucky to have the chance to show someone a kindness when they needed it most."

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