Spaghetti Etiquette aka Proper Technique for Eating Spaghetti

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Buongiorno miei amata amici! In the age-old quest for “do as the Romans do,” we find the need to eat our spaghetti according to tradition. I was quite amused when I found that people actually debate technique or even brag about the wrong form out of ignorance.

Here are some of the techniques from which we have to choose:

  • The fork and knife method. Using a knife cut your spaghetti in manageable bite-sized portions and scoop them with your fork.

  • The fork and spoon form. Employing the help of a spoon, push your spaghetti with your fork toward the spoon. Once the tines of the fork meet the spoon, wind it against the spoon.

  • The fork technique. Take your fork and pull up some strands of spaghetti to separate them from your pile. Once the pasta strands are free, move your tines quickly down against the side of your pasta bowl and wind quickly.

  • The slurping method. Remember Lady and the Tramp? Well, Disney does its research before making movies. Could placing the strands in your mouth and slurping them in be another type of a compliment to the chef?

Maybe your mama always cut up your spaghetti before serving it to you, or even broke up the noodles before emerging them in a hot bath. That amati amici, was because you were a child, not proper technique.

In North America, Italian restaurants commonly serve a bowl of spaghetti with both a fork and spoon. Does that answer our question? No! When interviewed, Italian chefs in North America explained. They serve it with a spoon, because if they do not, the patrons request one, under the belief that is the proper technique.

We are now down to the last two options. Place your bets. And the winner is…

After consulting with relatives, residing in Italy the consensus was clear. Grabbing a fork in one hand, lifting several strands of pasta to separate it from the pile in the middle of your pasta bowl, you place the tines of the fork down towards the side of the bowl and twirl, then lift it quickly to your mouth.

Slurping spaghetti in all cases is rude. Did Disney make a mistake when they showed that in Lady and the Tramp? No, dogs do not have hands to implement a fork.

Practice will make you a spaghetti expert.

*Featured bowl above from Corelle's Classic Elegance line: Enhancements!*

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