Family Tree DNA - I'm Barely Italian

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Thanks Family Tree DNA for changing my identity!!! I'm "barely" Italian.
It's been quite some time since I've posted on my website. Honestly, it's because I've been incredibly busy with my life, but I miss my personal websites.

My *shocking* news is that thanks to Family Tree DNA...I learned I am less than 2% Italian. That's right...I'm BARELY Italian. I guess the Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and British are dominant in my blood. I'm 96% from the UK Isles. This brings back my deep concern as a child...that I was adopted. Yes, I used to believe that I came from another planet and was left to my earthly parents to raise, thus my ability to fly around the house as a child. (Disclaimer: Since growing up on Earth, I have lost that ability.) LOL!

For days I reeled with this I continue My Italiano Connection or just take it down, since it would be fraudulent to pretend I'm Italian???

However, the brat in me figured it would be better to just accept that I'm BARELY Italian and allow all of you to enjoy the humor of my dilemma. So I've added the "barely" disclaimer in my title header of this site. Enjoy! I'm not certain how to make very much Scottish or Irish food, but I guess I'll have to learn!!! xoxoxox

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