Fresh Lemon - Natural Cure for Headache

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Natural Headche Cure - Lemon on the Forehead
Natural Headache Remedy - Slice of lemon rubbed on forehead!
As my readers know by now, even though I cook some food that could put one in a sugar coma, I also believe that most of the time we are better off eating more naturally and in our home, we always try natural cures before resorting to prescription or over the counter pharmaceuticals. As I have aged, I am finding I get headaches more often than I once did. For a time I was taking a lot of ibuprofen and acetaminophen, even though I knew it would do damage to me inside. And sure enough, the ibuprofen tore up my stomach and esophagus. So I quit using all of it as much as possible.

  1. If I had a headache, first thing was to make sure it was not from dehydration, so I would chug a huge glass of water. 
  2. If I thought I might be sleep deprived, after the water consumption I would take a nap. 
  3. Then there was always the possibility I just needed to stretch out my neck. 
 However, when those three things failed, I would either tough it out or give in to headache medication.

Then I found out about using lemon as a headache remedy. Fresh lemon is something I most often have on hand for my cooking adventures. I slice a lemon (room temperature or cold) and rub it across my forehead and usually within 5-15 minutes, my headache has vanished. If my headache is severe, I rub it across my forehead, lie down, and repeat every 5 or so minutes until the headache disappears (usually within 30 minutes). Now I do have to advise you to use caution: Do not let the lemon juice run down into your eyes, as that would cause a nasty sting. I keep a towel handy to dab any drips.

For bonus points: Use organic lemon and squeeze some of that fresh lemon juice into a glass of water, your choice warm or cold and drink up.

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