Autism: Viewing the Universe Through a Different Lens

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Autism helps us see the universe through a different lens.
Most of you know I have a son with autism. We have never wished to change that fact, as we have found the blessings in it, not what some see as a curse.

I found something today that I wrote about quite some time ago. My son, Levi, always just blesses my heart with his insights.

Levi opens doors to the universe that I would have never found on my own. The world is a more beautiful and exciting place, because of him. He has given me a well-rounded view through his perceptions and taught me so many things I failed to learn on my own. :)

Here is what I wrote from a couple of years ago:
Levi never ceases to amaze me. Today, during his free time, he made up a paper with a line down the middle. The top half were letters which mirror themselves, the bottom half are the letters in the alphabet that will look backwards in a mirror. I asked him where he learned this and he said, "Nowhere, it's just in my brain. This is what my brain thinks about when I look at letters."
Think about all the discoveries which have been made, because unique people could perceive the universe through a different lens and thus were able to ponder ideas that escape the mainstream of humans. As Temple Grandin once said, "I am different, not less."  I encourage you to take some time to listen or read today some thoughts/ideas from a person with autism, you might just come away feeling blessed.

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