Stonehenge - Created by Somebody With Autism?

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Was Stonehenge created by somebody with autism, like Levi?
Was Stonehenge created by somebody with autism, like Levi?
Many of you know by now that I have a fascinating ten year old son, named Levi, who has autism. I have never considered his autism to be something we must cure, nor did we wish he did not have it.

When he felt sad because he was the only one in the family with autism, I asked him if he would like me to acquire autism to be like him? He answered in the affirmative and then began to validate it with how I am not like most other moms in our neighborhood, so that indeed I most likely do have autism. :)

Yes, when he was non-verbal, we have tried different things to help him communicate, which were successful. Yes, we try to teach him things he must be able to handle or do in order to function in this world, because it will not bend over backwards to accommodate him. He must learn to function in the real world on its terms.

But we appreciate the workings of his mind. They are complicated. He ponders things no one in our family has ever thought to consider. He is fascinating. Yes, he is also obsessive. I now have knowledge of so many subjects in life I would have never sought out on my own. :) 

He still feels a need to make over things to "fit" in his mind. Such as rocks. He is a rock hound. But after collecting them, he must organize them in such a way it is aesthetically pleasing to his eyes. Could Stonehenge have been created by somebody with autism?

And thus, I sometimes ponder how many people in this world also had some form of autism in the past? How many of the "famous" people has autism that drove them to create works that worked in their mind?

For instance, Levi plays minecraft. It should be called MINDcraft. Because the things he designs in it. He has created so much music in it. He has never had any musical training, yet he can figure out how to make notes, combine them, and repeat the songs he has heard in his life. He can write new songs. Talent so natural and untaught. But in his mind, it fits. And I love his mind!!!

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