Panino alla Margherita Recipe

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Panino alla Margherita Recipe
Panino alla Margherita Recipe
Buongiorno miei amata amici! This, cari miei lettori, is my favorite panino (Italian for sandwich). My mouth salivates when I hear the name spoken or set eyes upon a fresh loaf of ciabatta. Such a simple recipe, yet such exquisite flavors that meld together to bring a taste of Italy to my taste buds.

Who is Margherita one may ask? Ah, let me tell you her story. Margherita of Savoy, was the Queen Consort of the Kingdom of Italy. Her paternal grandmother was the Princess of Tuscany. Margherita was well loved for her encouragement of artists and writers. She founded cultural societies and institutions such as Casa di Dante. She was the beloved benefactor of charities, including the Red Cross.

In 1889, during a royal visit to Naples, the Queen was served a pizza that represented the colors of the Italian flag: Red Tomatoes, Green Basil, and White Mozzarella. Since then food that has these three as their main ingredients is named after Margherita. Thus we have Pizza alla Margherita, Panino alla Margherita, etc.

Panino alla Margherita Recipe


Ciabatta, Italian, or French Bread
Fresh, Creamy Whole-Milk Mozzarella Cheese
Roma or Garden Fresh Tomatoes
Fresh Leaves of Basil
Olive Oil


Simply take one slice of your choice of bread, place a slice of creamy, fresh Mozzarella, slices of Roma tomatoes, fresh Genovese Basil, another slice of Mozzarella, and the final slice of bread. Brush both outer sides of the bread with EVOO (extra virgin Olive Oil) and sear on a hot, cast iron grill until golden brown on both sides. Be sure to use two slices of mozzarella, as it holds the sandwich together and all the ingredients inside.

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